About Us

A Great Company Starts With Great People Who Care

From our customer service to our production and shipping teams, our team members genuinely care about what they do. When you work with Best Name Badges, you can “feel” a smile through the phone. There is a genuine desire to make our customers happy that is unmistakably Best Name Badges. We like to say, “You have never worked with a company quite like ours” and we mean it. Our team is made up of smart, caring, hard working individuals that strive in our team-centric environment. And we truly believe that this is apparent in the quality of service and superior products we deliver to our customers.

Great Employees

Made In The USA. Words That Mean Something.

Best Name Badges believes "Made In America" means something. Our printers, equipment, and most of our products are North American made using materials produced locally. North American Made means a high quality, dependable product with the support that you come to expect. Our customers all over the world appreciate the quality of our products. From our Florida production facility, we proudly bring you the highest quality American made products that are designed to last. And while we are currently unable to make 100% of our products in the USA, we strive daily to continue adding to our in-house production capabilities to meet our future goal of 100% American Made.
Made In The USA